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  • Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit animal rescue organization dedicated to animal welfare and advocacy. [501(c)3 non-profit #46-0461795]
  • The Sanctuary provides a life-long refuge for unwanted, exploited and neglected animals of all kinds (from dogs and hamsters to tigers and bears), and offers an educational resource for students, elementary through college level, helping to expand their understanding of environmental and (captive) animal science.
  • The Sanctuary is blessed with an all-volunteer team that includes its Director, animal caretakers, Board of Directors and full-time veterinarian.
  • Visitors to the Sanctuary are offered guided tours and nature hikes led by Sanctuary volunteers. We strive to impart a deeper compassion for all animal life and broader understanding of the threats to our environment and wildlife.
  • The Sanctuary takes an active role in defending the native, wild mountain lions, whose existence in the Black Hills of South Dakota is threatened by rapid suburban development and a recently sanctioned mountain lion sport hunt.
  • The Sanctuary works closely with local animal shelters to house and place domestic animals (i.e. birds, cats and dogs) in loving homes.
  • The Sanctuary does NOT breed, buy, loan, lease, sell or trade animals.

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